Selling your iPhone: The Options You Can Explore

Even if you have opted for the iPhone Upgrade Program, you may still have an old iPhone languishing in your drawer. If you choose to buy the new iPhone out right each year, you can still sell iPhone 7 for cash or any other model that you may have. But, there are some things you should know before you decide to sell or trade in phone for cash.

First and foremost, you need to get your iPhone ready for sale. While you can get money for broken iPhone, you should know that you will get the most money if your device is in pristine condition. Even if your phone shows a little wear and tear, it can still get you a good price. Nonetheless, before you sell, you need to first backup all your data and then restore the iPhone to ensure none of your data is left behind. Your phone is now ready to be sold. But, where do you sell it?

You can first try selling it within your friend’s circle via Instagram or Facebook as this can give you maximum profit. You can also try your luck on eBay or Craigslist as these can be very convenient. If you don’t want to explore these options, you can try third-party buyback websites. You can even sell iPhone with damaged screen and get a good amount of cash. Some of these websites that you can consider are:


This website specializes in buying preowned tablets, smartphones, laptops and other gadgets which means you can sell iPhone online here. They will provide you with an online quote for your phone and then you ship your phone to them. The payment can be received via PayPal or check. The offer is valid for a month and if your item is worse than you described, you will get a new quote. If you decide not to accept, you will have to pay for return shipping.


This one works a little differently than others. You have to list your items on Glyde the same way you would on Craigslist. But, then Glyde steps in, finds a buyer and then handles the entire transaction. Once your iPhone is sold, the website will send you a prepaid shipping kit that you can use to send the device to the buyer. You can get a check or transfer the payment to your bank account. Payment can also be received in Bitcoins. Glyde charges 15% as a fee for its service from the seller.


This platform connects sellers and buyers directly and payments are made via PayPal. The website also has built-in protections for the buyers and sellers. Unlike Glyde, Swappa charges its fee from the buyer and the price they see includes the fee and shipping. The shipping is paid by the seller and they are also responsible for packaging the phone securely. Sellers can also establish their own return policies, but buyers can return the iPhone if it is worse than advertised.