What No One Tell You How To Find Best Laptops for Blogging

If you are looking for the best laptop for blogging you should focus on several things that would make things a lot easier for you such as the size of the laptop, battery life, storage space, etc. Of course, hardware shouldn’t be ignored either because you need a reliable computer that will allow you to create and publish new content as often as you want.

How to choose the best laptop for blogging?

Blogging is incredibly popular nowadays, so it comes as no surprise that bloggers are using better laptops to help them with their work. The performance plays a large role as well because bloggers often have numerous tabs and several apps working at the same time. So how to find the right machine for you?


Hardware is the major part of every computer, and you should take a closer look at it when buying the best laptop for blogging. Keep in mind that in order for your laptop to perform well, you need to have a good processor. Intel Core i5 is an incredible line that features some of the more popular processors out there. They might not be the fastest, but these processors will do the work you need.
While 4GB of RAM is the minimum at the moment, you should aim for 8GB of RAM, especially if you plan on multitasking a lot. Storage is also very important, but it is your personal choice. While SSD will make your computer faster, HDD will offer you more storage space for a lesser price. SSD is recommended because it improves performance and speed. However, users who are on a tight budget can easily work with an HDD as well.

The design

Blogging on a laptop is convenient because you can do it anywhere. But dragging around a heavy computer can be tiresome. Therefore, focus on finding a lightweight machine that can travel anywhere with you. Pay close attention to the size and the weight of your future computer. You want it to be slim and to fit your bag or backpack. Additionally, make sure it is sturdy and well-built. Chassis shouldn’t feel flimsy either.
The size of the screen is completely up to you but consider getting something slightly smaller because you need to have a travel-friendly laptop. There is no need to use a 17-inch screen for typing. But your display should be in full HD, especially if you post a lot of photos to your blog. It will allow you to edit them better and see accurate colors. Check out the viewing angles as well because you might work outside often and you need to see what you are typing.
Not to forget that your keyboard needs to be comfortable. After all, you will be typing for hours, especially if you want to be a professional blogger. And think about getting a laptop that has a backlit keyboard if you like working in low light conditions because it can really help you type faster. The trackpad is important as well since some users don’t like to carry around an extra mouse. It needs to be responsive and spacious.

Battery life

Since you will be blogging throughout the day, battery life is another feature you need to check out. You might not get a chance to recharge your laptop often so make sure that the battery can last for at least six hours. Ten hours would be ideal because it could get you throughout your workday.
This should be your top priority if you are a travel blogger because you will be on the move for hours and you might want to use your laptop during that time. Some bloggers simply do not have time to wait for the battery to be recharged or they tend to leave the charger at home. So don’t forget to check out the battery life on your future laptop.


Every blogger needs a powerful and travel-friendly machine that is perfect for typing. After all, the laptops are their companions and tools to get the work done. So investing in a good computer is not a bad move. However, it is useful to take a step back and see exactly what you need from your new laptop. So don’t rush the process and find the right computer that will take your writing to a whole new level.